What a multigeneration workforce can teach us about leadership

For Elissa Doroff (pictured), head of claims Americas at Mosaic Insurance, this age diversity is something to celebrate. “I think insurance was always thought of as kind of boring, not exciting and somewhat limiting as a career,” she reflected. “Over the last 10 to 12 years, higher educational institutions are providing a way to focus … Read more

Why an insurance VP sticks up for work-life boundaries

“Developing your brand allows you to have that consistent approach to who you are, how you view your work and life, and the balance between the two,” said Lisa Gentile (pictured), vice president of middle market umbrella, at Liberty Mutual. “When I started in the industry in the early 90s, it was very male-dominated, as … Read more

Why the insurance industry should shift the conversation around gender and leadership

For Stephanie Lynch (pictured), head of reinsurance at At-Bay, the journey to identifying her personal brand took her back to her childhood. “The biggest thing I can look back on is my confidence and my ability to speak up,” Lynch shared with Insurance Business. Lynch is speaking at a panel discussion titled “Standing out from … Read more

Marsh’s Elite Women share their secrets to success

Insurance Business America (IBA) recently named three Marsh colleagues to its 2022 Elite Women list. Overall, the list includes 85 winners who are some of the industry’s most prominent, trailblazing female professionals. The honorees from Marsh are Catherine Brown, Tamara Franklin, and Janelle Griffith. Read more: View the full list of IBA’s 2022 Elite Women … Read more