A Few Things that USPTO Could Do to Simplify Patent Prosecution

By Michael Borella — The US Patent and Trademark Office handles hundreds of thousands of patent applications per year, as well as various types of administrative patent proceedings. While the USPTO has made incremental improvements in its examination practices and IT systems to streamline applicant workflows, there are a number of relatively small changes that … Read more

USPTO Implements Climate Change Mitigation Pilot Program

By Donald Zuhn — In a notice published last week in the Federal Register (87 Fed. Reg. 33750), the US Patent and Trademark Office announced the implementation of the Climate Change Mitigation Pilot Program, “which is designed to positively impact the climate by accelerating the examination of patent applications for innovations that reduce greenhouse gas … Read more

Should the Biden Administration Look to Pharma for New USPTO Director?

“Strong patent rights that are enforceable against infringers are crucial for firms that engage heavily in research and development activities, and now is a perfect time for the pharmaceutical sector to inform the public debate on how enforceable patent rights encourage a strong innovation economy.” The United States is not even two weeks into the … Read more