YSK: With a changing landscape of abortion rights, dispensing of abortifacients by a pharmacist may be declined under ‘conscientious objection’

Tried to post this in r/youshouldknow but it got flagged for being political. Was hoping at least one community could get some use out of it! As a prelude, this post is not meant to reflect any personal belief towards abortion nor to have any political stance – it is only meant to outline the … Read more

Calls for WTO to Suspend IP Rights for Vaccine Innovation Would Jeopardize Incredible Progress

“Weaking intellectual property protections, as the WTO wavever proposal would do, will not increase access to the tools we need to fight COVID-19; In fact, they would hinder access to the COVID-19 tools we’ve already discovered.” The biggest vaccination effort in the history of medicine is underway to eradicate the global pandemic, with several strong … Read more