TikTok tutorial: How pharma can embrace the video platform’s educational potential

Once considered a Gen Z-dominated social media platform, TikTok is taking off with other age groups now, broadening the opportunity for brands to engage with its users. Last year, the short-form social video app garnered over 1 billion monthly viewers, 36% of whom were between the ages of 35 and 54. During that time, advertisements … Read more

A potential COVID-19 EUA could turn this small biotech into a household name

Listen to the article 7 min This audio is auto-generated. Please let us know if you have feedback. It’s not a done deal. But so far, all indications point to the probability of Veru, a small biotech, winning the latest Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA for a COVID-19 treatment. And if all goes well, … Read more

With Lilly on board, Entos’ medical chief champions genetic platform with ‘unlimited’ potential

Listen to the article 6 min This audio is auto-generated. Please let us know if you have feedback. Entos Pharmaceuticals is on the verge of “leveling up,” and Steve Chen is excited to help them get there. “I think the company right now is actually going through what I would call a major inflection point,” … Read more

Potential Policy Changes that Could Upend Prescription Drug Pricing

On November 3, 2021, Congress introduced a working draft of the Build Back Better (BBB) ​​Act. This legislation includes proposals that could drive some of the most material changes in drug pricing in the history of the Medicare Parts B and D programs. The changes are sweeping, with potential for some—such as inflation rebates—to be … Read more