Inside one of the first licensed medical cannabis labs in Britain | Cannabis

A sweet smell wafts through the air, as two men weave through the small room tightly packed with cannabis plants, growing high above their shoulders in a flush of intoxicating flora. This isn’t yet another illegal weed factory but one of the first licensed medicinal marijuana labs in Britain. Wielding a quantum sensor, microscope and … Read more

Advancing Medical Affairs to be a Value-Based Strategic Partner

Over the past decade, the healthcare landscape has changed engagement with an increased emphasis on to a broader set of stakeholders and an expanded focus on value-based therapies. Most importantly, demonstrating real-world utility beyond regulatory approval has become the new hallmark of success. Medical Affairs is uniquely positioned to address these dynamics as the only … Read more

With Lilly on board, Entos’ medical chief champions genetic platform with ‘unlimited’ potential

Listen to the article 6 min This audio is auto-generated. Please let us know if you have feedback. Entos Pharmaceuticals is on the verge of “leveling up,” and Steve Chen is excited to help them get there. “I think the company right now is actually going through what I would call a major inflection point,” … Read more

Medical regulator faces questions over board members’ links to drug firms | NHS

The UK medicines watchdog has been urged to strengthen its conflict of interest policy after it emerged that six of its board members are receiving payments from the pharmaceutical industry. Board members involved in overseeing the regulator’s “strategic direction” also have financial interests in companies including US and Saudi drug giants and firms with ambitions … Read more