Best practices for hybrid work

But for this setup to truly succeed, rules and policies should be implemented and codified in writing, said an employment lawyer. “A lot of my clients are saying, ‘We’re now formalizing it as a normal thing, regardless of COVID, hybrid/remote work options,’” said Geoffrey Howard, principal and founder of Howard Employment Law in Vancouver. “[Before]a … Read more

How many people are really fed up with their jobs?

What has been coming up among many workers being surveyed about their own experiences, is a sense of regret. One in four workers (26%) who quit their previous job say they regret the decision, according to a survey by Joblist of more than 15,000 jobseekers. Hospitality workers (31%) are the most likely to regret quitting, … Read more

What is the right way to show LGBT+ workers the organization cares?

“These inclusive actions have contributed to a sense of belonging, with over 70 percent of all respondents indicating that they are more inclined to remain with their current organization because of its approach to LGBT+ inclusion,” says Deloitte. “The vast majority (93 per cent) of respondents who work within organizations with a global reach also … Read more

Organizations taking business trips into the metaverse

One of the most recent converts to this concept is consulting giant KPMG, which recently unveiled its version, which was aimed at the US and Canadian arms of the company. “Frankly, we believe that this is an example of what the future of work looks like,” said Katie Bolla, partner in management consulting for the … Read more