Retail Pharmacy Conspiracy Theories Or Behind the Scenes Well-Planned Corporate Manipulation: pharmacy

One would agree that you are a number to these corporate retail pharmacies, whether as a tech or a pharmacist, bottom line – you’re replaceable. If anyone thinks otherwise I have mountains of proof to show otherwise. As I do research, my own investigation reveals things in the field of pharmacy especially retail, that can’t be hidden much longer. Let us start with our friends at NABP. NABP was just recently in the news last August-Sept for notifying 430 candidates that their hopes and dreams will be dangled in front of their face. If you don’t know what time talking about, look into it. Shocked how a class action hasn’t taken place, maybe one day. Anyways, where is this nation’s 2021 NAPLEX passing rates and why hasn’t it been published? This is published every year in February like clock-work. For how much money NABP draws out of people, you’d think they’d have enough money to pay their stats guy Chad who is still working from home, to put together a few excel graphs and hit send. Even during COVID years (pre and post) this was something that everyone looked forward to seeing; Either to stare at proudly or revel in the absolute shame that some schools are putting out into the world of healthcare (S/O Chicago State, keep doing the good work homies!). Is there more of a reason why NABP is delaying it? Are they being caught in a stronghold (just as some particular pharmacists associations have a reputation for – cough* ACPE cough* – lets be real ACPE!) by these corporate giants to NOT release passing rates due to the massive decline? Do they know that if pharmacy schools begin to lose their accreditations, then that means the end of this bottomless supply of new, naive grads that Wags, CVS, etc. can pick from to compensate with pennies ($34/hr was the lowest I saw for an RPh – good luck paying tuition well into the afterlife. Godspeed.) and then just toss away as they please (certainly before that 2-year mark so these individuals don’t get to keep that spectacular sounding sign-on bonus they plaster across Indeed). Will these corporate giants finally HAVE to start paying pharmacist/pharmacy personnel properly and not embarrassingly? But another thing has me thinking that this just might all be bogus russian disinformation. Yeah that’s it, Russian disinformation.

Then I came to doing my own investigation. Where I am located in the country I was able to search DEA ​​field division pharmacy inspectors, what do ya know, former Wag higher ups managed to secure some of those positions. Hopefully these weren’t the same guys sitting at a table in Deerfield, IL thinking SATA and short fills were a good idea LMAO. During this time I also researched the heads of NABP, wow must be a prereq to get a job at both DEA ​​and NABP (Entry level job – no experience but must have 5+ years corporate pharm. experience) because these positions, to the disbelief of many I’m sure, are…ready for it….ALSO filled by former Wag higher-ups.

Again this sounds more and more like Russian disinformation im spwing from my keyboard. However, I did a little more digging, discovered there were numerous Rite Aids, independent pharmacies, mom-n-pop pharmacies that were shut down. Various reasons included being bought out, closing down as a response to COVID, and probably the one reason that stood out to me – losing DEA license due to filling scripts with questionable medical necessities. I began to wonder, were those scripts actually legit? We don’t know, but it makes sense that hearing from friends/family that work at independents that they were constantly bombarded with buy-out letters from these corporate retail pharmacy companies and didn’t budge. So how else could these corporate companies squeeze out the competition? Hm. PBMs? I’m not saying they’re exactly behind the work of PBMs, but what I’m trying to say is that they DEFINITELY are behind the work of PBMs. Could corporate retail pharmacy companies be this nasty? You bet. It’s a dog eat dog world and what they are experts at is controlling every aspect that they can even down to the amount you get paid per hour to take care of that new family you just started or perhaps what you put away for a sunny day on the beach somewhere when and if you can retire.

The amount of power and stronghold these companies have is unimaginable. A student studying for 4 years in undergrad, getting grades great enough to enter into grad school, to then bust his or her ass to be finally being told after taking one of the biggest tests of their lives that they passed when they actually failed, or failed when they actually passed (who cares how/if that residency position turned out, best regards – NABP xoxo) to then find out that their career is determined by corporate a$$f*cks that can manipulate the field how they please is something that the word “discouraging” cannot begin to describe. It wouldn’t surprise me either if we were told that Wags and CVS were behind the financing of hundreds of pharmacy schools throughout the country years ago to ultimately get where we are today (Oops spilled those beans too guys), a field flooded with pharmacists who have to decide whether to become slaves to retail, lose all dignity/self-worth or do a residency in hopes of MAYBE coming out with an opportunity afterwards. I’ll give that to them though, they are fantastic market strategists being able to place the field in this pressure cooker they’ve created today. Therefore, the only advice I have for anyone in pharmacy or retail is that if we want to turn this career or livelihood that SHOULD come with it around is to do it in numbers. To the new grads, floaters, new pharm managers, staff pharmacists, techs, interns, if change is going to happen then look for the door of these beautiful establishments and walk run out. They have been closing stores left and right across the country because it IS happening. This good work needs to continue. I can’t see it getting any better at these retail pharmacies, including Wags, especially when this happened today.. lol -> -opioid-crisis-settlement

Yo Walgreens, this you? Better sharpen the scissors, time to cut a few more hours.

Anyways, again this all seems like Russian disinformation so don’t believe everything you read on the internet. I’m just a pharmer with a goat.

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