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eLearning Localization: Most Common Issues Faced

Localization eLearning localization can maximize the reach of learning and training materials and deliver the best learning experience for every target audience. This is particularly important when companies are targeting multiple language markets, because localization optimizes the more technical aspects of delivering translated content. Quality eLearning localization is not always easy, though, and adapting eLearning … Read more

Gamification: Reasons HR Managers Cannot Ignore It

Why Gamification Needs To Be Part Of Your Strategy Gamification is all about designing purpose-built experiences and systems to achieve specific learning outcomes. It can range from systems that provide points and badges to complex and detailed scenarios. What Is Gamification? Gamification can also be delivered on many devices, ranging from mobile solutions to Virtual … Read more

Thrust into network darkness: Lessons from a major ISP failure

It was a very significant event that highlighted just how reliant we have become on quick, efficient, and trustworthy internet and cellular networks. There were remote workers who couldn’t log into their network, let alone text their managers to communicate this conundrum, and there were many small businesses who took a day’s hit to income, … Read more

Do You Have The Best Project Management Software For Your Workflow?

How To Find The Best Project Management Tools In A Single App Project managers typically find themselves bouncing between meetings with stakeholders, creating documentation for project briefs, managing a massive task list for themselves and teammates, and generally exercising their project management skills to push the project they lead to completion. In our digital-first working … Read more

Florida and Louisiana in crisis – a tale of two states

The current numbers account for around $307 billion of exposure, and around 10% of all the state’s homeowners’ policies – making it Florida’s largest homeowners’ insurer. “We’re now averaging around 5,000 new policies a week, and that’s net,” Michael Peltier, Citizens media relations manager, told Insurance Business. The prognosis is not good – the Insurance … Read more

Ways To Build An Online Learning Community

How To Build An Online Learning Community That Supports Online Learners Learning, as a whole, has changed considerably in recent memory. With virtual education taking the lead, many might think that people don’t learn the way they used to. However, the truth is that even though the means have changed, the core of learning remains … Read more

Report examines London market tech transformation priorities

Other factors commonly seen as very important to driving technological change included a desire to better leverage MI and data in the business (67%) and sustainable growth and scalability (51%) Alignment with Blueprint Two, however, was least likely to be seen as very important or important by underwriting business leaders, with 41% ranking it as … Read more