Take a look at Pride at Docebo

Beyond celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community at Docebo, Pride is also about representation and education. First, let’s acknowledge the history of Pride Prior to Pride being recognized internationally as a celebration for the LGBTQIA+ community, Pride was a riot and a protest. 🪧 In the 1960s, homosexuality was illegal in many parts of the world and … Read more

Managing the risky business of entering new markets

It was this increasingly complex environment that pushed The Hartford to launch its new Global Specialty Insights Center this year. The center’s team of analysts has been tasked to help underwriters and brokers navigate this period of heightened uncertainty. “These experts are advising and consulting with our underwriters on how to navigate their portfolios, and … Read more

2D Animation For Business: 7 Reasons To Use It

2D Animation Is Perfect For Business Over the years, we have had one unique tool: “animation.” Multiple brands on the internet are providing top-notch animation services or 2D animation for organizations. While animations were previously made for entertaining and engaging the audience, now they are done for a different job of entertaining and engaging while … Read more

How Custom eLearning Drives Skills Development

Custom eLearning Resonates With Employees Over 80% of employers have used online learning since 2011 to help their workers improve their capabilities [1]. But this type of employee development never lost its influence and has become more prominent in the past ten years. Nowadays, around 40% of Fortune 500 companies use online training, as this … Read more

The Harmful Effects — Talkspace

How Does Social Media Impact Mental Health? Is social media bad for mental health? The short answer is yes, it can be for some people. How social media affects mental health, though, really just depends on each individual person. For some, it might actually enhance mental health. Human connection is known to reduce anxiety, stress, … Read more

Ukraine conflict: the CSR lessons for the insurance industry

Two insurance companies spoke to it Insurance Business about their recent efforts to deliver badly needed supplies and provide financial aid to Ukrainian citizens. Amid these campaigns, they shared insights and lessons on what drives their social responsibility agenda. Taking care of each other For Gaby Polanco-Sorto, head of purpose and sustainability at Gore Mutual … Read more