YSK: With a changing landscape of abortion rights, dispensing of abortifacients by a pharmacist may be declined under ‘conscientious objection’

Tried to post this in r/youshouldknow but it got flagged for being political. Was hoping at least one community could get some use out of it! As a prelude, this post is not meant to reflect any personal belief towards abortion nor to have any political stance – it is only meant to outline the … Read more

Retail Pharmacy Conspiracy Theories Or Behind the Scenes Well-Planned Corporate Manipulation: pharmacy

One would agree that you are a number to these corporate retail pharmacies, whether as a tech or a pharmacist, bottom line – you’re replaceable. If anyone thinks otherwise I have mountains of proof to show otherwise. As I do research, my own investigation reveals things in the field of pharmacy especially retail, that can’t … Read more