Inside one of the first licensed medical cannabis labs in Britain | Cannabis

A sweet smell wafts through the air, as two men weave through the small room tightly packed with cannabis plants, growing high above their shoulders in a flush of intoxicating flora. This isn’t yet another illegal weed factory but one of the first licensed medicinal marijuana labs in Britain. Wielding a quantum sensor, microscope and … Read more

Senior Party Sigma-Aldrich Files Opposition to Junior Party’s Preliminary Motion No. 3 in Interference No. 106,133

By Kevin E. Noonan — On December 3rd, Junior Party the Broad Institute, Harvard University, and MIT (collectively, Broad) filed its Contingent Preliminary Motion No. 3 in Interference No. 106,133 (which names Sigma-Aldrich as Senior Party), asking the Patent Trial and Appeal Board to designate certain claims declaring in the Declaration as corresponding to the … Read more

Deadly Venom From Spiders and Snakes May Also Cure What Ails You

TUCSON, Ariz. — In a small room in a building at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, the invertebrate keeper, Emma Califf, lifts up a rock in a plastic box. “This is one of our desert hairies,” she said, exposing a three-inch-long scorpion, its tail arced over its back. “The largest scorpion in North America.” This captive … Read more

Patients Taking Experimental Obesity Drug Lost More Than 50 Pounds, Maker Claims

An experimental drug has enabled people with obesity or who are overweight to lose about 22.5 percent of their body weight, about 52 pounds on average, in a large trial, the drug’s maker announced on Thursday. The company, Eli Lilly, has not yet submitted the data for publication in a peer-reviewed medical journal or presented … Read more

Johnson & Johnson shareholders called on to end talc baby powder sales | Pharmaceuticals industry

Women’s health groups are calling on healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson’s largest shareholders to force the company to end all sales of its controversial talk-based baby powder and hire an independent firm to conduct a racial justice audit. The pressure comes after decades of independent science suggested a link between ovarian cancer and baby powder, … Read more

US Chamber of Commerce Supports House and Senate Legislation Prohibiting Biden Administration from Negotiating Modifications to WTO TRIPS Agreement Without Congressional Authorization

By Donald Zuhn — Earlier this month, the US Chamber of Commerce sent a letter to members of Congress indicating that the Chamber “strongly supports” recent House and Senate legislation that the Chamber noted “would prohibit the Administration from negotiating or concluding any modifications to the World Trade Organization (WTO) Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property … Read more

Test to Treat: pharmacists say Biden’s major new Covid initiative won’t work | Coronavirus

A major new Biden administration initiative to facilitate access to Covid-19 antivirals will have a limited impact and fail to mitigate certain health inequities, major pharmacist groups argue, because pharmacists are restricted from prescribing the pills. Announced in Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, the “Test to Treat” program is meant to address the … Read more

Oxford Covid jab gears up for final act: saving the rest of the world | Vaccines and immunisation

Exactly two years ago Prof Sir Andrew Pollard was starting to panic. “We were just waking up to the reality of Covid-19 and that we would need vaccines for our very survival,” the director of the Oxford Vaccine Group told the Guardian last week. He joined forces with a colleague, Prof Dame Sarah Gilbert, and … Read more

The woman who turned down her share of a $6bn settlement to fight the family behind the opioid crisis | Opioids crisis

A cottage outside Floyd, Virginia, is a tranquil stage-set for Ellen Isaacs to wage one of the longest-running wars of the opioid epidemic: the battle to hold OxyContin-maker Purdue Pharma, its owners and executives, to just account. It’s battle that Isaacs, a former mortgage fraud expert at Citigroup, has been fighting since she and her … Read more