Ultimate XR Learning Guide [eBook]

How Do You Implement A Successful XR Learning Strategy?

Wrapping your head around immersive learning in the training sphere can be dizzying. Is it really feasible if you’re unfamiliar with virtual learning software? Can you make a strong business case? What are the obstacles you might face and how do you mitigate the risks involved? This eBook by MindSpring covers all the essentials to help you launch an Extended Reality (XR) learning strategy that gets results and fosters real-world application among your remote workforce.

eBook Release: Your Immersive Learning Launchpad: The Ultimate Guide To Launching XR Learning

eBook Release

Your Immersive Learning Launchpad: The Ultimate Guide To Launching XR Learning

Discover options for learning teams to quickly create immersive learning, including one that allows learning teams to simultaneously practice using the software.

Why Should Organizations Consider Immersive Learning For L&D?

One of the most common misconceptions about XR is that it’s still experimental. Another popular myth is that it’s just for entertainment, and implementing an XR training strategy is still out of reach. In actuality, Extended Reality is a great way to build your team’s self-confidence, prepare them for everyday challenges, and improve workplace performance. It gives you the opportunity to provide hands-on experience, even if you follow a remote or hybrid work model.

Is A Collaborative XR Partnership The Best Decision?

The right immersive learning partner can help you create an XR training strategy that bridges existing gaps and maximizes your assets. They have the expertise and tools to streamline the development process, regardless of your programming know-how or current tech stack. MindSpring’s XR learning eBook has all the information you need to overcome challenges and fully leverage the power of immersive learning in your organization.

About The eBook

How do you start your XR training journey? Which limitations should you know about and how can the right solution minimize potential risks? How do you choose the best outsourcing partner? Here’s a quick glimpse of what you’ll find in this immersive learning guide:

  • Fueling L&D Innovation: Immersive Learning Opportunities for Sales and Manufacturing
  • Building XR Experiences: Should You Outsource or Tackle the Task In-House?
  • Defining Immersive Learning and Developing Criteria for XR Success
  • How to Engage with Immersive Technology with No Coding Experience
  • Expanding the Scope: How to Fully Leverage Immersive Experiences in Virtual Reality
  • We Build Together: The 6 Ds of Successful Immersive Learning Development
  • How to Create a Collaborative Partnership with the Right Immersive Learning Company
  • Overcoming Immersive Learning Challenges and Limitations


Download the eBook Your Immersive Learning Launchpad: The Ultimate Guide To Launching XR Learning to discover how you can implement XR in your organization to make the most of modern tech and minimize on-the-job mistakes.

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