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Digital Collaboration: eLearning Skills 2030

Build Trust, Communicate Consistently, And Show Up Working online is a given nowadays. However, achieving effective digital collaboration is trickier. Lack of real-life presence and body language cues can make connecting more difficult and, as a result, collaboration is less effective. This series of eLearning Skills 2030 explores the key skills, both soft and technical, … Read more

Make Learning Compelling: “Netflixing” Your Efforts

Leave Participants Wanting To Learn More The term “binge-watching” is one we’re all familiar with. If not, allow me to share what it’s about. If you ever had to watch one consecutive episode after another of your favorite program, then you’ve binge-watched, and probably, later regretted wasting the time after possibly spending several hours doing … Read more

6 Modern Employee Training Methods

6 Innovative Employee Training Tips Training has evolved a lot over the years. Online simulations, scenarios, and webinars have largely taken the place of traditional ILT sessions. Which cuts costs, reduces seat time, and removes geographical limitations. Every employee also expects to be able to access support resources on the go. All of these factors … Read more

EdTech For Teachers Helps Reduce Stress

EdTech Can Make Teachers’ Jobs Less Stressful Educating students is no easy task, and the constantly growing demands of the education sector make teaching a high-pressure job. The accompanying stress is gradually taking a toll on teachers. A report by Education Support revealed that nearly 75% of teachers and 84% of school leaders admit they … Read more

How To Avoid Common Pitfalls In Employee Training

How To Maximize The Perks And Minimize The Pitfalls When Implementing Employee Training Software Trying to train your team and prepare them for every bump in the road can be costly. While investing in new employee training LMS can help stretch your budget and improve resource allocation, there are still plenty of pitfalls you can … Read more

Nudge Theory in Corporate eLearning for Maximum Success

In the last couple of years, learning and development (L&D) leaders have taken more subtle approaches to enhance employee engagement and motivation to promote a healthy workplace culture. According to the 2022 Workplace Learning Report | LinkedIn, 62% of learning leaders agree that L&D is focused on rebuilding and reshaping their organization in 2022. L&D … Read more

Why And How To Build A Learning Ecosystem

How And Why To Build A Learning Ecosystem Businesses must embrace continuous learning to stay competitive. For employees to keep up with the tools, tech, and innovations in their field, training can’t just happen once or twice a year at event-based seminars. This outdated method simply cannot match the pace of the evolving learning demands … Read more

Empathy Training: Crucial To Organizational Success

Seven Reasons We Should Train Empathy Empathy training has become one of the most popular topics in the business world. But what is empathy training, exactly? It’s an ongoing process of building emotional intelligence and learning how to get along with other people, sometimes even from different backgrounds or cultures than your own. This skillset … Read more